Richard Conlin

Richard Conlin is a Principal in the Conlin Columbia Partnership for Cities, which develops workforce housing in conjunction with community and cultural facilities, and is an Affiliate Faculty in the Department of Urban Design and Planning at the University of Washington. He served four terms on the Seattle City Council and was elected by his colleagues to two terms as Council President.

Inconvenient Truths About Those 74 Million Trump Voters

The alternative to Trump’s failures was not clearly defined. Biden said he would “follow the science,” but what did that mean? A universal mask mandate? Shutting down the economy?

What It Was Like Being A Volunteer For A Coronavirus Test-Vaccine

During the month after each shot I recorded information about my reactions and every week walked the two miles to the research office and had copious quantities of blood extracted for research. I experienced three periods of side effects (muscle aches, mild temperature spikes, etc.).

Lessons from New Zealand: Interdependence, Race Relations and Coronavirus

The last 40 years have not resolved all conflicts between pakeha (settlers) and Maori, nor has New Zealand brought about a utopian era. But there has been a full revolution in acknowledging the realities of an unjust historical record, and of committing to creating a more equal partnership in the future.

Resilience-as-a-Business-Model: A Roadmap For Seattle’s Future

The concept of resilience, which began as a term to describe ways in which a community can be better prepared for emergencies, has broadened. Smart cities have begun to link it to the way in which communities can actually work all the time.