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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Paul Kidder

Paul Kidder is Professor of Philosophy at Seattle University, where he teaches in the history of philosophy, Continental philosophy, philosophy of art and architecture, and ethics in urban and international development. His views are not intended to reflect those of Seattle University.

What Can Existentialism Teach Us About Today?

All of the Existentialists are philosophers of life who refuse to spin systems of ideals, insisting instead, like the American Pragmatists, that philosophies are only truly tested in lived experience.

What Would Plato Have Thought of Donald Trump?

Trump is a political type of ancient origins, a phenomenon as old as politics itself, figuring prominently in the earliest debates over the merits and demerits of democracy as a form of government. On that phenomenon Plato wrote at length and in powerfully dramatic detail.

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TrumpWatch: Connecting Debt with Disease

Perhaps Trump’s relentless drive to “get this pandemic over with” is primarily driven by his business circumstances.

Remembering Janice Niemi and All She Did For Women

Judge Niemi knew women needed encouraging because she herself had faced much prejudice when she graduated -- among the first women to do so -- with a J.D. degree from the University of Washington law school. In those days, there were few options open to her.

Tracking the Pro-COVID Vote

The Covid numbers are quite stable, with a slight majority not ready to die. Texas is way more ready for death than Washington state, the land of wusses. .

Want Better Leadership? We Need to give our Leaders Executive Power

The splitting up of functions and blurring of responsibility stems from the days of Progressivism and Populism, where the only way to counter the railroads' conquest of the Legislature was to fracture power. Once there is this proliferation of offices and semi-responsibility, it becomes very difficult to remove the crabgrass.

A BC Snap Election Gives Government a Reinforced Majority

The pandemic has been well managed, textbook-style. Even so, the pandemic has hit hard, notably cratering the province’s tourism industry from cruise ships to wine tourism in the south Okanagan.