Paul Kidder

Paul Kidder is Professor of Philosophy at Seattle University, where he teaches in the history of philosophy, Continental philosophy, philosophy of art and architecture, and ethics in urban and international development. His views are not intended to reflect those of Seattle University.

The Man Who Designed The World Trade Center’s Twin Towers

Though he was never a fan of the egotistical desire to build the world’s tallest building, he saw some recompense in the fact that sending the towers into the air would create room for a large plaza at the base that would grant relief from the dense urban fabric of Lower Manhattan.

How do you Know? Our Epistemic Crisis

Any breach of the great wall of misinformation will require a painfully slow process of attrition. In this effort the mainstream media will play a key role. Also vital will be the role of academics, with their standards of research methodology, of rigor in argumentation, and of careful peer review.

What Can Existentialism Teach Us About Today?

All of the Existentialists are philosophers of life who refuse to spin systems of ideals, insisting instead, like the American Pragmatists, that philosophies are only truly tested in lived experience.

What Would Plato Have Thought of Donald Trump?

Trump is a political type of ancient origins, a phenomenon as old as politics itself, figuring prominently in the earliest debates over the merits and demerits of democracy as a form of government. On that phenomenon Plato wrote at length and in powerfully dramatic detail.