Jim Mumford

Jim Mumford has worked in state and national political campaigns for the last several years, most recently on Governor Jay Inslee's presidential run, and his 2020 re-election campaign here in Washington.

The Wolves of Washington

Washington has arguably become the most effective state in the West when it comes to managing wolves.

How Mount St. Helens Upended our Understanding of Recovery

Within 24 hours of the eruption, rescue workers and scientists reported seeing insects flying around the blast zone with a surprisingly large number of spiders parachuting in and incinerating on contact with the Pumice Plain. 

The Port of Seattle is Lagging. It’s all about the Speed

Bottleneck problems are coming home to roost in Seattle’s once-thriving Port. Whether such problems will also be a wake-up call for local leaders remains an open and urgent question.

Africa’s Rooftop — and Its Endless Plains

"I thought I knew what wilderness looked like. But East Africa completely redefined that concept for me."