Jean Godden

Jean Godden wrote columns first for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and late for the Seattle Times. In 2002, she quit to run for City Council where she served for 12 years. Since then she published a book of city stories titled “Citizen Jean.” She is now co-host of The Bridge aired on community station KMGP at 101.1 FM. You can email tips and comments to Jean at

How Women Have Changed American Journalism

Once again, it was progress, backlash, and repeat again. What occasioned some mid-century breakouts were two things: war – when men left, women flooded newsrooms – and money (since women were paid a fraction of male salaries).

What Have They Done to My Martini?

One of the main instigators of the late-century martini renaissance was Seattle’s annual Classic Martini Challenge. Initiated in 1992, the Challenge was a showdown between five local bars to prove who mixed the best martini.

Primary Analysis: City Hall Backlash? Who, Me?

Despite that negativity, Tuesday’s election early returns (some half of votes counted) didn’t begin to register as a blood bath. To the contrary. The three incumbents left in the running managed to survive the primary election, all three ahead of their nearest competitor.

Democracy Vouchers: Wider Participation or Pro-Incumbent?

Georgetown University’s McCourt School of Public Policy did a detailed analysis of the Democracy Voucher program across three elections. The study found vastly increased public participation among donors.

Thought the ERA Amendment was Dead? Here’s How it might be Ratified

Early last year President Biden called on Congress to act, recognizing that the ERA has been properly ratified and (with the required two-year lapse) is now part of the U. S. Constitution. Technical reason for the hold-up is that the archivist of the United States David Ferriero has declined to act despite federal law requiring him to do so.

The Good Hair Test: Reichert Wins

Hair stylist Roberto Rodriguez declares about candidate Reichert, “Dave’s hair is exceptional. It must rank as the best of anyone running.”

A Bellingham News Startup Finds Traction

Cascadia Daily is a rare beast among startups bringing local news to underserved markets. Most new ventures are digital-only nonprofits that rely on help from public-spirited donors. Cascadia (CDN) instead is a for-profit venture.

A Year Later: What to do about the Dobbs Abortion Setback

Before the Court acted to overturn Roe, support for reproductive rights had remained remarkedly consistent over the decades: some 60 percent of Americans approved abortion with some restrictions.

Ba-da Boom! Better Seattle Jokes

Hey, we’re in Seattle, the city that GQ magazine once labeled “America’s Least Funny City.”

Breaking DC: Covering Crazy on the Weirdo Beat

Ben Terris writes how D.C. is even today struggling to recover from the craziness that overtook the town during Trump’s four chaotic years. He recalls how often people would say “this is not normal” when the leader of the free world raged at his own Justice Department or undermined civil servants or winked at conspiracy theorists.