George Howland Jr.

Since 1977, George Howland Jr. has lived in Seattle and written reportage, opinion pieces, memoirs, fiction and book and music reviews. He has worked at Real Change, Seattle Weekly and The Stranger.

Public Housing Initiative: Something Doesn’t Add Up

Over the next ten years, House Our Neighbors projects that (assuming Initiative 137 passes) social housing will spend $500 million in new taxes and will only build 60 apartments for homeless people. The other 1,940 apartments will be for people with higher incomes. 

A Trump Coup Would Need Military Support. Not Likely After This Week

The leadership of the armed services regard the president as a harmful buffoon. Just consider the past few weeks.

Election: Voters Produce a Dog’s Breakfast

Whether this new city council can make progress on poverty, housing and revenue reform is very much an open question.

Books: Anarchism In Its Many Flavors

Insurrectionary anarchists believed that capitalism would be overthrown by a spontaneous violent revolt by the workers. During that revolt, the workers would reorganize work along egalitarian lines and create a utopian society.