David Freiboth

Writer and civic leader David Freiboth headed the King County Labor Council and oversaw labor relations at the Port of Seattle

Can Microsoft and Starbucks Learn Lessons from Henry Ford?

Recent developments at both companies suggest they may indeed be ready to accept organized labor as part of their economic landscape.

Rolling Red-Cup Rebellion: Unionization Pushes on Starbucks

Dmitri Iglitzin, a Seattle attorney whose union-side law firm, Barnard Iglitzin & Lavitt LLP, is deeply involved in the nationwide campaign, says there’s a lot going on with the unionization effort that the public might not be aware of.

Bridge Loan: Washington State’s Ferry Dilemma

The fundamental issue in the long term is simple: ferries are less cost effective than bridges and tunnels. But tell that to the ferry lobby.

Putting the Labor Back into Labor Day

Originally, Labor Day was much about celebrating labor organizing. Now, it's more about celebrating the end of summer.

Deep Brew: Next-Gen Union Organizing at Starbucks

When the company replied, in effect, “No, no what do you really want?” the new breed of Millennial/Gen Z front- line staffers replied again, “We want a union.”

What’s Fair When Restaurants Share Tips?

Corporate equity and transparency are the core issues, since as servers’ “tipping out” the back line help is nothing new.  What is new is the method. 

Pot Industry Versus its Workers

A new political action committee, People for Legal Cannabis, is gearing up to fight any effort by outsiders such as the UFCW to empower their workers. 

Before or After: A Global Trade Debate

Fair traders are often depicted as anti-trade, but this is far too simple a branding.

Unionize @Starbucks? But… but… We’re Family!

Drives to unionize are a dynamic that, despite sophisticated efforts by employers to make employees feel like “part of the family,” can crop up in any large company.