Doug Kelbaugh

Doug Kelbaugh is Dean Emeritus of the University of Michigan's Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, a position he assumed after serving as Architecture Chair at the University of Washington from 1985-93. He recently moved back to Seattle.

20 Years Later, The “Seattle Box” Has Reinvented

Biking around Seattle to re-engage a city that I had not lived in for 21 years, I was intrigued and positively impressed with the quality of speculative housing projects. They exhibit rich texture and articulation, with colors often vivid by historical standards.

Out in Public: Rethinking our Shared Spaces?

Are cities now dangerous places due to their density? No, I believe, the face-to-face city will endure. It’s simply too productive, efficient, and advantageous. And compact cities address the existential crisis of our time -- climate change.

City-As-Heat-Island. And Then There’s COVID

The coronavirus crisis should not make us reduce the density of our cities. It’s the dense mix of uses, the walkability and bike-ability, the public transit of cities that directly combat climate change by reducing energy consumption and the carbon footprint of urban residents.