Russell Wilson No Longer Has to Carry the Whole Damn Team


Russell Wilson kneels prior to a huddle during a snowy game against Chicago at Lumen Field. / Drew McKenzie, Sportspress Northwest

Russ wanted this, or it would not have happened. And he will do fine in Denver, but he will never win what they want. Pete Carroll and the winds of the NW gave him room. Eventually, the margins got tighter. And Russ bailed them out but he got tired of it. And, in a way, those developments ruined the Seahawks routine, for they are the brilliance of routine and surprise, more than most or all of the teams.

They need, frankly, a taller quarterback. Stafford won the Super Bowl for the Rams but he was not super, he simply could see. The Seahawks were often the smarter team, by some distance — that is what they have. They will need to find a spirit to be quarterback but there are spirits out there. They will make the remarkable progress of proving that you can do all of this without some special genius. They will win by detail, which has always been their quietly secret weapon. And some kid will proudly be their quarterback, without having to carry the whole damn thing on his back.

Where the Seahawks are progressive is in their sense of team. If Russ wanted a piece if that, then this trade would not have happened. 

Peter Miller
Peter Miller
Peter Miller runs the Peter Miller Design Bookshop, in Pioneer Square, in the alley between First Avenue and Alaska Way. He is there, every day. He has written three books, Lunch at the Shop, Five Ways to Cook, and How to Wash the Dishes. A fourth book, Shopkeeping, A Manual, will be published in Spring 2024, by Princeton Architectural Press.


  1. When a player of a team believes he is the franchise and starts to coach the coaches and wants to become a part of the ownership, it is time for a trade…………

  2. When the Hawks were great, or the Mariners, or Sonics or Sounders or Storm, they were great top to bottom, and no one was close. Ask the LA Rams or 49ers, it is the length that has made them great. And that is what makes them a bit less newsworthy.

  3. Yes fans, for all those reasons it was probably time to move Wilson. Yes, the NFL is a business, but the people who make those Seahawk business decisions are still there rattling around. Yes Its great that that we have additional draft picks, but the penchant for management is to flitter away those picks into ruby slippers. Click your heals Ms. Vulcan.


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