Scary Times


Watching the Senate trial of Donald Trump on charges of crimes against the republic, it is hard to imagine what more it would take to demonstrate willful incitement of a murderous mob than his dog-whistling of devotees into insurrection on Jan. 6.

It ended in killing and destruction on a scale that has shocked the consciousness of those with a conscience. The heart of our government was vandalized. Five died on the day of insurrection and suicides and other passings have added to the death toll.

House prosecution managers keep asking, rhetorically, what more of Trump’s post-election behavior could constitute grounds for impeachment if not the blatant, horrifying scuttling of the rule of law, the Big Lie of a stolen Nov. 3 election?  The answer is nothing.

 GOP senators up for re-election in 2022 are so obsessed with holding their seats that they will kowtow to Don Trumpleone’s threats of bankrolling a primary opponent. How did we get to this point of such craven self-absorption?

I believe the Democratic Party needs a serious contender on the right. We are in for scary times if the cult of Trump pretends to be that counterbalance.


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