Raging and Interrupting


Trump comes on as expected, raging and interrupting with blasts of verbal marshmallows, constantly trying to insert his “memes,” making it hard for Biden and even moderator Chris Wallace to make their points. Typically, he filled the air with insults: “Nothing smart about you, Joe,” adding that Biden could not even remember the college we went to.  In contrast Biden may well be solidifying support by addressing the audience directly.

For example, when questioned about why he ended federal training anti-racism programs, he said “They were teaching people to hate our country.” Raw meat for his base.

On he other had, Biden faces the camera, and says the power is with you: go out and vote. So Biden looks like he reaches the people and Trump at best is sending messages only to his base.

 Credit to Wallace for taking on the president, calling out his improper interruptions, at one point chiding him that “your campaign agreed” to the rules, specifically, no interruptions for the first statements.

Dick Lilly
Dick Lilly
Dick Lilly is a former Seattle Times reporter who covered local government from the neighborhoods to City Hall and Seattle Public Schools. He later served as a public information officer and planner for Seattle Public Utilities, with a stint in the mayor’s office as press secretary for Mayor Paul Schell. He has written on politics for Crosscut.com and the Seattle Times as well as Post Alley.
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  1. Biden did directly address the TV audience in a personal way. Particularly when he said, to go out and vote. Afterwards CNN polling showed that brief set of comments scored very high with both men and women. Trump on the other hand, never looked directly at the camera to address the public. Instead, he was focused on attacking Biden. So he lost an opportunity to connect with those not already solidly in his camp.

  2. Hard not to hear the jackboots coming. Stand by . General consensus seems to be that Joe won, but I’m reminded of the importance of looking more vigorous than your opponent (Kennedy/Nixon, anyone?) Biden needs a makeup adjustment – get him some color, please!


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