Tristan Belzer

Tristan Belzer, a recent graduate of Carleton College, works in medical research and resides on Mercer Island.

“Oppenheimer”‘s Art-House Sensibilities Wrapped in a Blockbuster

One of Nolan’s notorious quirks is his obsession with time and non-linearity, and this aspect sets Oppenheimer apart from other biopics.

Nimona: A Standard Fantasy Film that Transcends the Ordinary

One of the best animated movies of the year never even saw a theater. Overshadowed by the back-to-back releases of juggernauts like the Super Mario Movie, Across the Spiderverse,...

Out of the Spider-verse: Animation Evolves to What’s Next

Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse represents a fundamental shift in the world of big budget animated features. The unorthodox, colorful, and energetic animation of the film eschewed the common trends of animation at the time in favor of a style that deliberately harkens back to old comic book panels.

Best New Film of the Year? ‘Past Lives’

This movie is almost as unconventional as it is restrained, trusting the audience to invest themselves in the relationships and characters without the comfort of a recognizable driving plot.

‘Tar’ and the Discourse over Power and Art

The director's choices lend Tar a creeping dread that seeps into every scene, as the audience is constantly left waiting for Tar to finally crash to earth from her dizzying peak. 

Jumping the Universe: “Everything Everywhere all at Once”

The frenetic pace refuses to let up, with some of the most spectacular visuals, funniest jokes, jaw-dropping choreography, and genuinely moving moments all happening in a rush.