Sally Bagshaw

Sally Bagshaw served on the Seattle City Council, 2010-19, where she was deeply involved in finding solutions for homelessness.

Au Contraire: Superstar City Seattle Steps Up (A Top 10 List)

Among the bright spots: SIFF recently acquired and will restore the Cinerama, adding it to SIFF-run theaters including the Cinema Uptown and Cinema Egyptian.

Failure to Fund? JustCare’s Success with Homeless Programs in Peril

Only when JustCare became involved did the lives improve for the people inside the tents and their neighbors in nearby apartments.

Fed Up: Delays in Activating Tiny House Villages

In a managed encampment, these homes provide stability and give their residents a base on which to build a future. 

All Dressed Up and Ready to House: Why is This Tiny Home Village Just Sitting There?

Available temporary  housing? Yes. In South Seattle, where the need is great? Yes. An entirely empty village ready to go? Yes. But it is vacant. Why?

All of the Above: Tiny Houses And More

We need to ramp up the production of tiny homes and the siting of tiny home villages at the same time as we build permanent housing on a fast track.