Peter Goldmark

Raised on a ranch in the Okanogan highlands, Peter traveled to UC Berkeley for a doctorate in molecular biology. Returning to the land that he loves, he managed the family ranch for over thirty years before turning to politics and serving as the state Commissioner of Public Lands leading the Department of Natural Resources from 2009-2017.

Our State Was Too Slow In Reacting To COVID-19

Clearly there was a new disease striking people in China, and there were subtle attempts to suppress this information. Certainly, there was sufficient warning to be vigilant about a repetition of SARS, or worse.

Impeachment Memories of Bill Ruckelshaus’ Courageous Act of Principle

Both Elliot Richardson and William Ruckelshaus chose their duty to our nation (and honoring their promises to Congress) over their own career interests. Their example marked a turning point in the Watergate scandal, and inspired me, a lifelong Democrat, to reconsider my belief that partisanship would always prevail.