Mort Kondracke

Morton Kondracke is a retired Washington, DC, journalist (Chicago Sun-Times, The New Republic, McLaughlin Group, FoxNews Special Report, Roll Call, Newsweek, Wall Street Journal) now living on Bainbridge Island. He continues to write regularly for (besides PostAlley), mainly to advance the cause of political reform.

We’re Wary of Hitler Comparisons. But Putin’s Parallels to the 1930s…

We can only hope that Putin’s savage, unprovoked action does not lead to World War III which by miscalculation it could, with apocalyptic results.

Wanted: A Better Strategy to Defend Democracy

Democrats are never very good at organizing to win at the state and local level.

Inside the Funeral of Colin Powell

It was a bipartisan affair of a kind one doesn’t see in America much any more, but it was not “political.” The former presidents didn’t speak.

With Democracy on the Line, Democrats are Failing

Democrats should have learned a lesson from the 2020 Congressional races, in which they lost 13 House seats, largely because voters listened to GOP charges that Democrats were “radical socialists,” favored open borders and wanted to defund the police.

Democracy on the Edge: What Democrats Need to Do for ’22

The obvious conclusion is that if Republicans take control of either chamber in Congress in 2022, they will not try to do what’s best for American citizens. They will do what Trump tells them, probably starting with trying to undo everything Biden has done during his first two years.

John Boehner: When I was Captain of CrazyTown

Even though Boehner takes occasional swipes at the Democratic left, his book is (to his credit) more a recounting of the growing extremism of his own party. And he’s not shy about naming names. The worst, in his mind (mistakenly), isn’t Trump. It’s Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, “a miserable son of a bitch.”

How to sell Infrastructure to Republicans: We need to Beat China

In terms of spending on scientific research and development, the US led China $553 billion to $463 billion in 2018, but China’s investment has been growing at more than 15 percent a year, while the US has increased by less than 5 percent annually, meaning that by this year, China likely is ahead.

Biden’s Brilliant Start (But Landmines Await)

Biden and Congressional Democrats are facing challenges that could put Republicans back in power after the 2022 midterms—scotching chances for progress on the ambitious Biden agenda.

Biden’s Success Depends on Making People Believe in Government Again

To get his program adopted—and have a chance for Democrats to keep their majorities—I think Biden needs to organize a massive public campaign of persuasion along with his quieter attempts at bipartisan diplomacy.

Why Rushing to Impeach Trump Is a Gift to Trumpers

“To borrow a phrase, Democrats should stand back and stand by; but alas, the idea of a sequel is making the rounds in Washington. In their righteous and proper anger over the Trump Riot and all that led up to it, many Democrats are talking themselves into one more go-round."