The Inslee Distraction Behind Us, Candidates (At All Levels) Can Get On With It


Credit Inslee with early recognition that he is not the candidate to beat Trump. Now his supporters can redirect their energies and contributions to one of the few Democratic contenders for the nomination who might bring an end to our national madness.

It is also reassuring to see that his failure to gain traction in the presidential race with his single-issue platform was because climate protection is equally important to the Democratic front runners. Inslee’s candidacy wasn’t necessary to focus the campaign on this paramount issue and the damage done by Trump and his sycophantic chorus of climate-deniers.

Inslee’s potential gubernatorial challengers — Attorney General Bob Ferguson, Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz and King County Executive Dow Constantine — have plenty of time to reconsider their stated commitment to their day jobs.  

As a resident of the 23rd Legislative District, it has been a little unsettling to watch the jockeying for down-ballot offices eyed by our state legislators — State Sen. Christine Rolfes exploring a run for Commissioner of Public Lands and Rep. Drew Hansen for Attorney General — in the event Inslee doesn’t seek a third term. Our third state lawmaker, Rep. Sherry Appleton, isn’t running again next year, so our all-Dem delegation could have been, and still could be, up for grabs. Guess we’ll see whether ambition trumps party discipline and loyalty to Inslee.

Carol J Williams
Carol J Williams
Carol J. Williams is a retired foreign correspondent with 30 years' reporting abroad for the Los Angeles Times and Associated Press. She has reported from more than 80 countries, with a focus on USSR/Russia and Eastern Europe.


  1. “Credit Inslee with early recognition…” Neither you nor he could have had any idea that he could beat Trump on the day he announced his candidacy.. The state would have been better off — certainly financially at least — if he had decided NOT to get into a race at all that he had no chance of winning. If you or he thought differently I suggest you are both suffering from the same mental issues that afflict the President!

  2. It doesn’t. Well over half of the candidates on the Democratic side should have never gotten into the race for the same reason. And given where they are now they should be dropping out almost every day. Perhaps the only difference is that Inslee wanted the state to front his security costs. Not a benefit most of the other candidates had. One would hope that some time in the future the legislature would take care of this problem by requiring a state office holder who gets state funded security while running for higher office should be required to pay it out of his or her own pocket.


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