Trump’s Evil Genius

Trump’s evil genius has been on full display of late. On one level his attacks on the four members of Congress known as the ...

Soundness Versus Sound-Bites: Lessons for Seattle From NYC’s Mayoral Primary?

So far, the Seattle mayor’s race has been dominated by forums before left-activist groups. We hear recitation of progressive bromides, with identity politics thrown in. The folks who "work hard and play by the rules," using Bill Clinton’s phrase, get little courtship.

The Power of “San Francisco Democrats” and the West

The “Left Coast” has been a center of resistance to the Trump administration, on matters ranging from immigrant rights to vehicle fuel efficiency standards. California and Washington have filed or joined in more than 170 lawsuits.

Polls: CASE Tries To Makes A Case For Its City Council Election Narrative

The Chamber of Commerce's PAC released some selected poll results this week. To no one's surprise, the results support their message of discontent with the status quo in City Hall.

Read With Caution: Early Presidential Polls in Washington

Sanders continues to lead, though there are some signs of erosion. Keep an eye on Warren, for whom this state is a natural fit.

Battle For Seattle: Can Mayor Durkan Survive The Challenges?

These times of multiple crises make it more difficult to be a mayor, so it falls on Durkan to show toughness and clarity and inventiveness.

Pre-Brexit Glimpse of Post-Brexit Chaos Breaks Deal Stalemate

“The sudden sense of being cut adrift from the bloc – and from the world at large – felt like a bitter taste of what might be to come.” -- A New York Times dispatch from London

A GOP Splinter Surfaces, but can a Rogue Rump Rumble?

As Trump gears up to revive MAGA rallies and make endorsements, anti-Trump Republicans are going nowhere fast. Trump remains triumphant in his hold over the party of Lincoln.

Trump’s Firing Of Officials Puts a Dangerous Loyalty Test in Place

Congress failed to fix this ability to bypass Congress’s authority back in 2009 by stripping out a key provision in the House version of the Inspector General Reform Act of 2008. The final bill became law, but it did not include the House’s “for cause” requirement for removing an IG for 9 specific reasons.

Seattle: A Socialist Stronghold?

I commend this article from The New Republic, which discusses the rise of Democratic Socialism in the nation, particularly the Democratic Socialists of America,...

Democrats Face A Hard Call: Stripping Away at Police Unions

The police unions would fight back furiously, counting on rural legislators in state houses, alarmed homeowners, and Congressional tough-on-crime lawmakers to protect their sweet deals.

Play It Again: Russian Lawmakers Clear Path for Putin to Stay in Power for...

Putin is now positioned to join the rulers-for-life club whose membership is a Who’s Who of autocracy: Chinese President Xi Jinping, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Presidential Press Conferences, R.I.P.

In the age of twitter and other social media, it is still necessary that the leader of the nation confront in person an audience of trained journalists who can ask questions that the ordinary citizen will never be able to ask in person.

Too Far Left? Democrats Risk Losing Non-White Voters

"There is an abundance of evidence," Thomas Edsall writes, "that the more liberal presidential candidates may be pushing into dangerous terrain, taking stands that could prove difficult to defend in the general election."

Historic New Funding For Native Communities; Deb Haaland confirmed as Interior Secretary

The American Rescue Plan contains a whopping $31.2 billion for the country’s tribal governments and native communities. Most of the money will go straight to Indian Country,

Inslee Angers Native Americans with another Surprise Veto

When the bill got to the House, tribal lobbyists got lawmakers to install some teeth. A new subsection required that projects “must be paused or ceased” if a tribe finds it would “adversely impact cultural resources, archaeological sites, or sacred sites.” It was part of a series of changes in the bill designed to win over environmental justice advocates. That spooked Inslee into vetoing this section.

After the Vote: City Council’s Start To “Defunding SPD”

Omari Salisbury, Marcus Green and Kevin Schofield discuss the origins of the 50% target, the politics that led to this point, and the deep, often acrimonious divisions in City Hall over the wisdom of moving quickly to cut SPD’s budget.

A Symbol of Failure

I wish him recovery and good health, but cannot forgive the ugly way he has divided us, nor his failure to vigorously counter that virus, still sweeping across our country.

Uneasy Times for Evangelicals In Voting for Donald Trump

While the Moral Majority no longer exists, the religious right has seized control of the movement that definitely influenced the outcome in the 2016 presidential election. Evangelicals favored Trump over Clinton, 79-16%.

Mayoral Candidate Debate on Homelessness Illustrates Differences

I doubt any votes shifted after last night's virtual debate face-off on homelessness between mayoral candidates Lorena Gonzalez and Bruce Harrell.

How Ranked-Choice Voting Would Change How We Elect Seattle Mayors

Proponents of ranked-choice voting argue that it drives greater voter turnout and better enfranchises traditionally marginalized groups. It also theoretically encourages a more congenial style of campaigning, because candidates would want their opponents’ supporters to like them well enough to rank them next.

Got Hope? Election 2020

Troubled by discordant Seattle politics and a president working to undermine the Constitution? Then consider looking at the Black Lives Matter protests as an...

Is There a Future for Moderates?

Democrats, God love ‘em, have lost more than their way.

Rise of the Anti-Feminism Backlash

Some pundits insist the feminist movement is in trouble –  beset by backlash, deserted by the disillusioned younger generation and lacking optimism.

Trump Unhinged: Rallies Against Murkowski in Alaska

Trump was on a vengeance mission, but Trumpification could bring changes to the U.S. Senate.

The Two Party System has Failed. Time for Something Else

One of the objections to a third party is that it spoils elections. But a New Jersey Congressional candidate has a solution for that: a fusion party that can co-endorse a candidate.

A King County Jail Crisis — and What to Do About It

Such conditions are akin to those found in jails of third-world countries ruled by despots.

Too Many, Too Much: King County Has More Government than it Needs

We fondly think electing office holders is an effective method for holding governments accountable, but it isn't.

Grumpier and Trumpier: Canadian Politics and the Distemper of our Times

The language of Canadian politics is becoming harsher.  Public officials are targeted for abuse. Confrontations are getting more frequent and intense. 

The Light of Democracy is Flickering this Independence Day

Damn the fireworks, I say, and protect the idea of our true American Faith.