Wanted: A Better Strategy to Defend Democracy

Democrats are never very good at organizing to win at the state and local level.

Blown away by an unfiltered Mayor Pete

Simple outcome. I was blown away. Twenty minutes of house party stump speech was even better than I had any reason to guess I would come away with. Answers to questions were even better.

The City Council Election: A Pox On Both Your Houses

We all get it: you despise each other. And there's truth behind both of your narratives. But now you've both committed to all-out war on each other, and you're tearing our city apart. That's right: our city.

Fed Up: Delays in Activating Tiny House Villages

In a managed encampment, these homes provide stability and give their residents a base on which to build a future. 

A Glimmer of Hope for Passing Gun Legislation: A Quiet Breakfast Deal

Imagining a Joe and Mitch breakfast discussion. If the GOP agrees to some progress on gun control, what would be the trade-off?

Needed: A Fresh Face Atop the 2024 Democratic Ticket

General McCaffrey dared to say: Joe Biden is too old and he's never going to get re-elected in 2024. So....

Jayapal & DelBene: Exit Hare, Hello Tortoise…

A Conservative columnist gloats: "It turns out that Jayapal’s master plan, which endeared her to progressives at the time, was a disaster of epic proportions for the Democrats."

Thirty Years After the Scandal that Changed Northwest Politics Forever

From it flowed a cascade of effects that brought about a remarkable and under-appreciated rise of women into elected office in Washington, a political ascendancy unmatched in any other state.

How Democrats Could Counter Republican Attacks on Voting Rights

Democrats need to select the turf that they can win instead of wandering around in a state's political wilderness.

Broke: Our Two-Party System has Failed

Republicans are a danger to democracy and the Constitution, yet Democrats seem unable or unwilling to unite behind a centrist agenda to stop them.

Wake-up Call: Supreme Court Shows Its Hand

Any shred of belief that the courts are immune to this can now be safely discarded; they are deeply complicit.

The Last Days of Reproductive Freedom

"I fear that these weeks while we await the issuing of the final Supreme Court decision are the last days of reproductive freedom in America."

How, 50 Years Ago, Washington Citizens Rose Up to Enact Stiff Public Disclosure Laws

The law, strengthened and passed by voters' initiative, required disclosure of sources of campaign contributions along with reports of how the money was spent. It mandated reporting of personal financial interests by candidates, elected officials, and certain appointees. It also regulated lobbying and required reporting of the money lobbyists spend to influence legislation.

Behind Glass: President Biden’s Visit to Seattle Today

The chief “green” of his visit will be the money he raises here and in Portland at Democratic National Committee events.

A Fortunate Setback for Compassion Seattle?

Compassion Seattle had a difficult birth, steering a course among the business community, the service providers, and the good-government types who opposed the charter-amendment route. Even with the court setback, the group may have political legs.

Nicholas Kristof for Oregon Governor? Um… Buffering…

Kristof and his campaign operatives have long contended that he should qualify as a resident based on his deep roots in the state.

Trump says Jump. Alaska Governor Dunleavy says “Of Course.”

Such deals are rarely spelled out in public. But Trump is bluntly bent on party domination, insisting on the fealty of Republican officeholders and candidates. And he despises Sen. Murkowski.

Time to Lower the Heat in the Post-Roe Commentary

If the SCOTUS decision is the beginning, not the end, of the debate, we will need a lot more thoughtful commentary. Here are some examples.

Cynical Descent: Senate Republicans’ Tortured Smear of Ketanji Brown Jackson

Of the three Republican senators who are voting for Judge Jackson’s confirmation, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Georgia, Tweeted on Tuesday: “Collins, Murkowski, and Romney are pro-pedophile.”

Anti-Vax Canadian Truckers Set Off Transborder Demagoguery

The Freedom Convoy aside, resistance to vaccination in the Great White North is far less than in “the states.” As of Wednesday, 90.3 percent (4.5 million) of eligible people aged 5 and older in British Columbia have received at least one shot in the arm, and 84.8 percent have received their second dose.

Failure to Meet: What’s Wrong with Washington’s US Senators?

Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., has held no town halls in recent years, and is reticent about schedules where voters can catch up with her.

From Votomatic to Rigging Election Laws: An Election System in Peril

Congress seems paralyzed.  What Republicans are doing in state legislatures to undermine voting is countered by the Democrats’ too-sweeping For the People Act. So far, that leaves no room for finding common ground.

A New Book Revisits Watergate and Asks the Big Question: Why Did They Do...

In Graff’s view, all investigative books, as well as apologias penned by Nixon's inner circle, have left unanswered one fundamental question. “Why did you fellows break into the Watergate?”

Coming Attractions: Weed Against Taxes on Weed

The pot industry argues that the state’s already high tax on cannabis makes it difficult to compete with the illegal market.

Idaho-Envy: Inside the Eastern Oregon Movement Yearning to Secede

“What we have here is a battle between traditional values and urban values,” Michael McCarter, president of Citizens for Greater Idaho, told me. “The urbanites don’t have the same attachment to their community."

The Senate on Daylight Saving: Wow! We Passed a Bill!

Currently, U.S. public opinion is divided, providing no clear mandate for permanent DST. But scientific evidence and opinion have lined up solidly against DST in winter.

Open Letter to Mayor-Elect Harrell: A Roadmap

Start fast. Be decisive, not moderate. Be transparent. Reach out...

Setting the Tone: The “And” Speech

He signaled the message from last November’s election, that the “status quo is unacceptable,” that going back to basics is where good governance begins.

The Wide Path of Victims of Racism

The main reason America failed to enact broad social programs like health insurance and family leave is racism. Such steps were defined by Republicans as unfair benefits for racial minorities.

Jay Inslee’s Intriguing Side Trip to Chicago: Still a Presidential Itch?

Is Inslee thinking about his next act, and do those thoughts extend to a possible bid for president in 2024?