Beyond Roe: Looking to the States

If Congress, in its current makeup, is unable to protect the right of women to have freedom over their choice in having a child, then the Democrats will have to focus on state politics.

Washington’s Disappearing Lawmakers

Losses include a number of veterans whose experience and expertise will be much missed. Equally confounding is the exodus of newer lawmakers of color.

Abortion Rights: Senator Murray Re-energized

Senator Murray is reportedly working with Senate women on strategies for keeping the choice issue front and center. 

Limited Liability, Maximal Cash: The LLC’s (and Others) Giving to Local Campaigns

Real estate developers frequently create a new LLC for each project for entirely solid business reasons. But in a political context, the practice has the effect of allowing them to become super-donors.

Mayor Harrell Doesn’t Suck so Far: So Here are Eight Suggestions

"City Hall is tired, and it needs vitamin-rich leaders who make the cushions bounce."

The Last Days of Reproductive Freedom

"I fear that these weeks while we await the issuing of the final Supreme Court decision are the last days of reproductive freedom in America."

How Abortion Rights Became Central to the Culture Wars

It’s not your fathers' and mothers’ Republican Party anymore. Our state’s “new look” Republicans of yesteryear are old or deceased. 

Post Alley Writers: a Roundtable on the Supreme Court’s Roe Bombshell

The 1992 protest march numbered nearly a half million participants. In April of 2005, more than a million abortion-rights activists joined in the March for Women’s Lives. Clearly, these demonstrations were not enough. Big rallies in the nation’s capital may not have been a winning strategy.

Wake-up Call: Supreme Court Shows Its Hand

Any shred of belief that the courts are immune to this can now be safely discarded; they are deeply complicit.

Why the Challenge to Seattle’s Payroll Tax will Fail (and Should Fail)

To say the appellate judges seemed skeptical about the Chamber’s legal challenge would be an understatement.

McCarthy: (Oops, the Tapes) — We Now Return to our Regularly-Scheduled Trumpophilia

Polls show a motivated Republican “base,” three quarters of whom believe Joe Biden was not legitimately elected. 

Before or After: A Global Trade Debate

Fair traders are often depicted as anti-trade, but this is far too simple a branding.

Fed Up: Delays in Activating Tiny House Villages

In a managed encampment, these homes provide stability and give their residents a base on which to build a future. 

Trust No One: The Toxic Brine of Misinformation

Systemic disinformation efforts are designed to undercut democracy by dividing people, feeding their emotions, destroying their ability to recognize truths, and undermining their capacity to find them. 

Doomism: The Fear of Feeling Futile

There’s no such thing as pass-fail when it comes to the climate crisis.

Behind Glass: President Biden’s Visit to Seattle Today

The chief “green” of his visit will be the money he raises here and in Portland at Democratic National Committee events.

Failure to Meet: What’s Wrong with Washington’s US Senators?

Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., has held no town halls in recent years, and is reticent about schedules where voters can catch up with her.

All Dressed Up and Ready to House: Why is This Tiny Home Village Just...

Available temporary  housing? Yes. In South Seattle, where the need is great? Yes. An entirely empty village ready to go? Yes. But it is vacant. Why?

Pull Lever, Break Glass: Hey Washington, How’s your State of Emergency Going?

In what kind of Emergency do we shut down reporting of detailed hospitalization trends?

Cynical Descent: Senate Republicans’ Tortured Smear of Ketanji Brown Jackson

Of the three Republican senators who are voting for Judge Jackson’s confirmation, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Georgia, Tweeted on Tuesday: “Collins, Murkowski, and Romney are pro-pedophile.”

A Democrat Bloodbath in the Midterms? Post Alley Writers Debate

Only 27% of Americans believe we are on the right track, according to the Real Clear Politics average of polls.

She’s Baaack! Sarah Palin Joins the Stampede to Succeed Alaska’s Don Young

Fifty one candidates. Fifty-one(!) have filed for the special election to fill Alaska's lone Congressional seat.

The Midterms Are Shaping Up to Be a Bloodbath. It’s Seattle’s Fault.

I am increasingly dreading the upcoming November elections.

How the GOP Hopes to Retake the State House

Note that the pollsters include the incumbents’ race in the description. The district is nearly 65 percent white and less than 3 percent black. They also included voting-record messaging designed to fire up tax-averse voters and folks on the rightward half of the broad argument over law enforcement policy. 

Locking up the Left: Justin Trudeau Strikes a Deal to Remain Prime Minister

Canada will have a stable government and no national election for the next three years – at least. 

Washington Strengthens Abortion Protection, Just as Idaho Weakens Such Laws

Inslee minced no words, proclaiming "if Idaho won't stand up for your rights, I will." The signing came just days after Idaho enacted legislation to allow lawsuits by "potential family members" to enforce an abortion ban after six weeks into pregnancy, a time when many are not aware of their condition. 

How, 50 Years Ago, Washington Citizens Rose Up to Enact Stiff Public Disclosure Laws

The law, strengthened and passed by voters' initiative, required disclosure of sources of campaign contributions along with reports of how the money was spent. It mandated reporting of personal financial interests by candidates, elected officials, and certain appointees. It also regulated lobbying and required reporting of the money lobbyists spend to influence legislation.

Don Young of Alaska, the Nation’s Longest-Serving GOP Congressman, is Dead at 88

Of one highways bill, Young boasted: “I stuffed it like a turkey.” Colleagues nicknamed him “the alpha wolf” – a wolf skin decorated the wall of his office – a nickname Young embraced.  “I AM the alpha wolf,” he once told me in an interview.

A New Book Revisits Watergate and Asks the Big Question: Why Did They Do...

In Graff’s view, all investigative books, as well as apologias penned by Nixon's inner circle, have left unanswered one fundamental question. “Why did you fellows break into the Watergate?”

The Senate on Daylight Saving: Wow! We Passed a Bill!

Currently, U.S. public opinion is divided, providing no clear mandate for permanent DST. But scientific evidence and opinion have lined up solidly against DST in winter.