If Trump Wins…

Trump probably cannot spell “authoritarianism,” much less define it. But he has the instincts of a wannabe Duce, and he has been running the authoritarian playbook since he took office.

Trump Vs. @FoxNews: Never Mis-underestimate the Ratings for Grievance

The essentials that have fueled conservative media for 90 years – wealthy patrons, skilled demagogues, and manufactured fear -- will remain with us. Fox News rose and prospered with the Clinton and Obama administrations to pick on.

Infrastructure: How Democrats Can Reconnect with Blue-Collar Workers

Blue-collar workers identifying as Democrats have declined. An NBC survey found that drop over the last decade was by 8 percentage points, while the number who call themselves Republicans has increased by 12 percentage points. That trend is not limited to white workers.

Democrats Dilemma: Build a Movement or Dump Trump?

Only 53% of Sanders supporters say they will vote for the Democratic nominee, even if their candidate is defeated.

Behind Glass: President Biden’s Visit to Seattle Today

The chief “green” of his visit will be the money he raises here and in Portland at Democratic National Committee events.

Trump Could Win in 2020, but the GOP Is Losing Suburbs and Sinking Fast

That national Republican suburban collapse is driving politics here too. Since Trump became the face of the GOP, Republicans have lost 12 seats in Olympia, and one seat in Congress, all from suburban districts. That is likely to continue next year.

Inside City Hall’s Serious Budget Shortfall

The multimillion-dollar gap -- viewed in the perspective of an annual budget in the $7 billion range -- is perhaps not horrific. But it still is bound to impact what the city can achieve towards meeting its on-going needs and ambitious social goals.

How Mike Pence Could Become President

Keep in mind that Libertarians, like Pence, strongly condemned the January 6 insurrection. And the Libertarian Party is registered in all 50 states as a third party.

Gun Ownership Rates Do Not Correlate with Gun Violence

Americans own 120 guns per 100 people. No other nation comes close. But there are many nations with higher homicide rates, including nations with small fractions of America’s rate of gun ownership.

Energized: Abortion as Urgent Issue

The Court no longer has O’Connor, Souter, and Kennedy to craft a wise ruling.  Roe is on the ropes. How come? Like those teenagers nearly 30 years ago, choice has been a right taken for granted.

Seattle City Politics: Locked between the Left and Left-Left

The Mayor is now tempted by a political strategy of letting the council go around the bend, drawing a firm line of difference (particularly over the Navigation teams), and then watching the council get blamed as backlash sets in.

Revenge of the “Nasty” Women: We Vote!

But if 2018 was the Year of the Woman, there are signs that 2020 could be an even bigger year for women and for diversity. Some 243 women -- 169 Democrats and 74 Republicans -- have won primaries and are competing for congressional seats this fall.

An Early Poll in the Seattle Mayor’s Race, with one Big Surprise

Echohawk is positioned as the most likeable of the candidates, but that adds blandness to her liabilities along with inexperience at city hall. Farrell may be the best campaigner (specific programs, candid answers, broadened appeal) of the group, and she is starting to draw differences from the council insiders (Gonzalez, Harrell, Sixkiller) who have failed to solve big problems.

A Symbol of Failure

I wish him recovery and good health, but cannot forgive the ugly way he has divided us, nor his failure to vigorously counter that virus, still sweeping across our country.

How the Democrats Finally got an Infrastructure Bill Passed

The squabbles of America and of the Democratic Party nearly derailed a bill which, among other features, will provide the biggest-yet investment in Amtrak rail service and eliminate congested highway rail crossings.

Suzan DelBene to Head Moderate Democrat House Caucus

DelBene succeeds a Washington neighbor, Rep. Derek Kilmer, (D-6), as chair of the moderate Democratic group.

Political Fallout from the Canadian Trucker Blockades

The “Freedom Convoy” protests began as an action by some truckers – angered that proof of vaccination is required to enter Canada – but was embraced by a variety of anti-vaxxers and right-wing groups.

Tangled Up in the Middle of Seattle’s Policing Debate

A transformation to a new model of policiing, much to be desired, will entail a costly, generation-long transition. Otherwise it’s like disbanding the fire department while waiting for new building codes to produce fire-safe buildings.

How Washington State Has Done on Gun Control

This state does have some of the stricter gun laws in the country. Advocates rank Washington as 10th toughest in the nation.

What COVID-19 Might Mean For The Presidential Election

This year's presidential election has already been crazy, but COVID-19 could upend the whole apple cart.

Why the Polls were Wrong: We’re Exhausted by Change

Trump stressed the fear of change from the Democrats and the street protests. But that cut two ways, since he was a hugely disruptive force himself.

A Glimmer of Hope for Passing Gun Legislation: A Quiet Breakfast Deal

Imagining a Joe and Mitch breakfast discussion. If the GOP agrees to some progress on gun control, what would be the trade-off?

Inslee Angers Native Americans with another Surprise Veto

When the bill got to the House, tribal lobbyists got lawmakers to install some teeth. A new subsection required that projects “must be paused or ceased” if a tribe finds it would “adversely impact cultural resources, archaeological sites, or sacred sites.” It was part of a series of changes in the bill designed to win over environmental justice advocates. That spooked Inslee into vetoing this section.

Election 2020: We’re Still Asking Who Gets to Vote

Today, we are seeing a growing new wave of voter suppression. States, usually those with a history of voter discrimination, are aggressively purging voter registrations and passing laws imposing new voting restrictions such as requiring voters to show forms of government identification that too often people of color, young people and other underrepresented groups might not possess.

It’s Looking More Like We’re Going To Have a Historic Political Realignment This Year

2020 could be a realigning election like 1860, 1896, and 1932: an election that ushers in a new era of one-party dominance.

Tim Burgess Explains the Compassion Seattle Amendment. Count me in

There are cities that have taken the approach advocated by Compassion Seattle and gotten to “functional zero.” It can be done. It has been done. It takes resolve and it takes leadership.

Mayor Durkan at a Low Point: Five Options for Survival

The best way to allow for healing is for the mayor to say two things: Tell me what the pain is, and How can I help?

Blowing their Hamilton Moment: Republicans Fail a Historic Test

The harms, as widely noted, are multiple: Jamming the complex transition process and handicapping the new administration. Exposing the country to adversaries while it’s frozen in molt. Discrediting even further the liberal democracy America once exemplified.

How Kamala Harris Could Get Her Mojo Back

Savvy politicos point out that Biden himself had early missteps as Obama's vice president. Those pols are now offering suggestions for Harris.

The Numbers Are In: Trump Trade War Slows Economy

Two economic reports released this morning underscore the extent to which President Donald Trump’s trade conflict with China is weakening the once-hot United States...