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Sunday, August 9, 2020

Indexer: As Local Sales Taxes Bust, Here’s Who Gets Hit Most

As economic activity plummets, local governments are scrambling to figure out how badly their budgets will suffer this year from a drop in taxable sales. It’s going to be tough, but how tough remains to be seen.

A Suddenly-Endangered Convention Center Project: Time to Rethink Seattle Tourism?

How we can tame this beast, and (if it comes to this) what might be a better use of the convention center 3, now one-third built and facing a serious financing problem?

The Numbers Are In: Trump Trade War Slows Economy

Two economic reports released this morning underscore the extent to which President Donald Trump’s trade conflict with...

Indexer: Sea-Tac is Bigger Than You Think, and More At Risk

By passenger volume, Sea-Tac is now the eighth busiest airport in the country, serving a metro area that is the fifteenth largest. A prolonged virus shutdown will damage a regional economic engine.

How Convention Centers Devour Their Cities

"What troubled me about the whole convention center business/financial model was its self-feeding locomotion. Once a city begins to compete in the big leagues (not unlike sports) it has to buy into a whole multi-decade commitment. And the bar keeps getting raised."

Has Amazon Grown Too Large?

In the latest issue of the New Yorker, writer Charles Duhigg raises many of the concerns frequently expressed by Elizabeth Warren and others that Amazon may have become too powerful.

Understanding the Macroeconomic Impacts of the Coming COVID Depression

Lyn Alden Schwartzer provides the clearest explanation I've seen of how the current situation differs from previous economic shocks like the Great Depression and the Great Recession.

Set to Soar: This Week in Space

We are all rooting for the success of the launch -- if anything mobilizes the national spirit, it’s a rocket on its way to space.

Start-Up Madness: Is Sanity Returning?

The shift to more disciplined, slower-growth, enduring-value companies might just be a cyclical shift based on current economic fears, not a tectonic one.

Coronavirus Chronicles: Unexpected Shortages of Sudden Needs

Just try to buy a solid looking buzz clipper. Sold-out, sold-out, sold-out. Now I did find one for way too much money, and it won’t arrive for a while. I will be cautious about Zoom meetings.