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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

A Seattle Forester Sizes Up The Culture Wars on Australian Fires

Fires and fire conditions are the new normal, and not just in Australia. So is controversy about causes and prevention of the fires.

Hello, 2020: Prepare for Sticker Shock at Your Local Wineshop

The Trump administration is threatening to expand the tariff to 100% on all European wines. If enacted this tariff will have devastating effects on the wine industry.

What Seattle Should Expect in 2020

In terms of fundamentals, compared to other American cities, upper-middlebrow Seattle in 2020 will remain the same as it was in 2019: white, woke, wealthy, and (sigh) too wet. Plus ça change.

Why Attack Iran? Likely It’s Trump’s Anti-Obama Obsession

This confrontation with Iran has taken on a life of its own. Iran will make the next move. In a rational world Congress would then to do its job and stop this madness.

Bill Gates Advises: Raise My Taxes!

Maybe the Gates Agenda is comprehensive enough, sensible enough, and credible enough (given the admiration of the Gateses) to be a rallying set of ideas.

Architecture and The Unlamented End of ‘Modernism’

"Making Dystopia" makes me wonder if Modernism -- the word itself is a marvel of marketing -- may be about to fade from favor and be "deconstructed" like so many other imposed-from-above cultural values.

What Seattle Is Losing: A Culture of Risk?

Many of Seattle's arts institutions are so focused on the essentials of survival it’s increasingly difficult to experiment or play. When margins are so close, a failed project is less tolerable.

Cue the Script for Republicans Acting Badly

So far the Republicans are eagerly playing their assigned bad-guy roles. Pelosi probably knows that McConnell is more than ready to suit up as a villain.

Who’s Right About The Democratic Party: Joe Biden or The New York Times?

Biden's advisors surmised that the real majority in the party consists of non-college-educated whites and minority voters, the vast majority of whom don't tweet, aren't woke, whose attitudes about gender relations weren’t all that affected by #metoo.

The Religious Basis for Pelosi Saying She Prays for the President

It will not come as a surprise to Christians who know the Bible that Pelosi would pray for the President and would invoke her religious upbringing in this regard. Christians are instructed to pray for “kings and all who are in high positions,” in Paul’s letters to Timothy.