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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

District 3: Sawant is Key to the City Council’s Future

Let’s suppose Sandeep Kaushik’s analysis is pretty close to predictive. It’s not cause for optimism among those who’d like to see the city council move even a little bit toward the center.

Dancing around Gov. Inslee

A lot of Democrats are lining up for pole positions, assuming Jay Inslee decides not to seek a third term. Here's a...

Musical Chairs And A New Mayor?

Imagine this scenario. Trump loses and Mayor Durkan gets a nice federal judicial offer, so she resigns. The new mayor is automatically the council president, pretty much lined up for Lorena Gonzalez.

An Open Letter to John Kasich: Please Challenge Trump

History shows that when an incumbent president gets a serious primary challenge, he often loses the general election.

After Trump: Lessons On Deprogramming A Cult

Alex Hursh in The New Republic explores the cult of Trump. How do you talk cult-members back from the edge when Dear Leader falls?

The Impeachment Show As Comedy. Very Dark Comedy.

Is it sacrilege to examine impeachment as a theme for a stage show? Perhaps, but if they can make a musical out of Les Miserables, think of what could be done with Trump, Guiliani, and the Three Amigos; with Volodymyr Zelensky as Jean Valjean?

Hello, 2020: Prepare for Sticker Shock at Your Local Wineshop

The Trump administration is threatening to expand the tariff to 100% on all European wines. If enacted this tariff will have devastating effects on the wine industry.

Democrats Need a Sister Soulja Moment

Before left-liberal candidates run away with the Democratic party and get Donald Trump re-elected, one of the moderate progressives has to have a breakout moment in the second round of presidential debates next week.

Letter: KEXP Dissents From Arts Organizations’ Opposition To New Overtime Rules

Fundamentally, we believe that every person who works for KEXP brings tremendous value in advancing our mission, and deserves to be compensated fairly.

Impure Thoughts: Nukes Versus Climate Change?

Rather than purity tests, David Roberts argues, better to have complex answers to the separated problems.