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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Seattle Primary 2019: Progressive Pragmatists Had a Strong Showing

Yes, Virginia, this is a change election. Contrary to the mistaken hot take analysis coming out of the Seattle Times newsroom, the primary night election results show that this is very much a backlash election against the current City Council status quo.

Is Seattle Courting Over-Tourism?

When cities invest in the visitor market (hotels, convention centers, festivals) they are ordinarily playing a final, desperate card in economic development.

Seattle Arts Organizations Say They’re Leaders For Social Justice. So Why Are They Fighting...

It's illuminating that the argument Seattle's arts organizations are making isn't about whether paying overtime is fair, but whether it's affordable.

Dem Debates: Warren Keeps Winning the Media Nod. But Why?

I still heard Warren being declared a debate "winner" by the talking heads, because she is queen of the Twitter-and-Pronouns educated white progressive wing of the party, and national journalists at papers like the Times and the Post are all card-carrying members of this cohort.

Mayor Finesse: Boston and Seattle find a groove

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan Boston and Seattle have a lot in common: politics that pushes to the left,...

“Morning Edition” And The Theme Music From Nowhere

Theme music for a radio show is like graphics and fonts and paper format for a magazine....

The Never-Ending Organ Recital

When did conversation among people of a certain age get replaced by the never ending organ recitals?

Letter: KEXP Dissents From Arts Organizations’ Opposition To New Overtime Rules

Fundamentally, we believe that every person who works for KEXP brings tremendous value in advancing our mission, and deserves to be compensated fairly.

Why Even Incremental Steps Toward Medicare For All Are So Tough

The whole story makes it clear what a huge lift the public option will be in Congress, or in individual states, and the extremely long odds for Medicare-for-all.

Remembering Tom Gibbs, a Titan of Seattle Infrastructure

Do we all understand that a community is only as livable today and sustainable tomorrow as the...